ABATE of Michigan: Region 5

American Bikers Aiming Towards Education

ABATE of Michigan Region 5

ABATE is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the overall rights and promoting the safe operating practices of all Michigan motorcyclists. 

Meet your ABATE Region 5 Coordinator...

 Scott Janiga of Muskegon, MI 


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What has A.B.A.T.E. of Michigan Done?

  • ABATE modified Michigan's mandatory helmet law in 2012 that allows freedom of choice
  • ABATE initiated and passed legislation to repeal Michigan's mandatory helmet law.
  • ABATE members have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars and collect food, clothing & toys for local communities and various charities.
  • ABATE restored funding for motorcycle safety after it was eliminated from the 2004 budget.
  • ABATE supported and was instrumental in passing legislation removing "points" from your driving record for helmet law violations.
  • ABATE has proposed and helped enact funding for rider education programs throughout the state.
  • ABATE was successful in passing legislation that regulates motorcycle seizures by police agencies.
  • ABATE initiated the Ride Straight alcohol awareness and Licensing awareness program.
  • ABATE stopped legislation that would have required Lights on, banned several stock Harley-Davidson motorcycles; "Reflectorized vest", and/or reflective material on all riders.
  • ABATE helped pass the Motorcycle Safety Legislation in 1982.  Since that time ABATE has initiated and passed legislation 5 times to keep Safety Fund solvent.  ABATE stopped the state from putting the safety fund into the general fund in 2004.
  • ABATE volunteers, through it's Motorcycle Awareness program have taught over 80,000 new car drivers about motorcycles and to share the road in Driver's Education classes.
  • ABATE stopped legislation that would ban your children from riding with you.
  • ABATE membership comes with a $3,500.00 Life Insurance Policy.
  • ABATE repealed nighttime motorcycle bans in Oak Park Ferndale Michigan in 2007.